Are you sick of your clothes getting covered in your pets hair when you wash them in your washing machine?

Does your washing machine keep breaking down because its getting clogged up with pet hair or bits off their bedding when its washed?

If so you need a Washing Machine Bag!!!!

Simply put any dog / cat bed or their towels or Horse Rugs in the wash bag and put in your washing machine to wash. The material bag allows your washing machine to do its job just the same but keeps contained all the bits of bedding and pet hair in the bag preventing it getting clogged in your machines filter or transferring to clothes in your next washing load.

Once your washing machine has finished its job simply take your pets washing out of the bag and hang out to dry as you normally would, shake the bag outside to remove any pet hair or bits of bedding then the bag is ready to go again and again and again!


We currently make two different sizes of wash bag:

Small - 19" square

Large - 29" square


Colours currently available are Purple, Pink, Blue Green and Yellow. 




Washing Machine Bags