Are you fed up of trimming your dog on a Grooming Trolley Table or Grooming Table that has a top colour that your dog just disappears into? or is the top on your table slippy making it difficult for your dog to stand still for you to trim them?

If so Top Dog Show Supplies have the answer, why not have a simple over-mat?

Our over-mats just go on the top of your current table, they are high quality 3mm fine ribbed rubber so they don't slip when placed on top of your table surface. 

To enable you to purchase an over-mat in an appropriate colour for the colour of dog you trim we provide over-mats in yellow, blue, black and green. From personal experience of years of trimming a black dog on a black table when your undertake the task on a yellow mat it is truly amazing and you wonder how on earth you trimmed on a black surface at all


Our over-mats come in 4 sizes  as follows:

14" x 27" 

15" x 25" 

17" x 29" 

20" x 36" 

When placing an order please select a mat size which will not allow any overhang of matting to occur on your table like in the photo above. 

We can also make over-mats to any size requirement; please let us know what size and colour you require and we will happily provide a free quotation. We also sell matting per meter please check out our Rubber Matting page.

Prices (inc p&p):

14" x 27" Black, 15" x 25" Black = £10.59,

14" x 27" Blue, Green & Yellow, 15" x 25" Blue, Green & Yellow = £12.59

17" x 29" Black = £14.79, 17" x 29" Blue, Green Wide-Rib & Yellow =£ 16.79

20" x 36" Black = £19.98, Blue, Green Wide-Rib & Yellow = £ 24.98

Please contact us for a price if you wish to buy more than one over-mat at a time (to ensure you don't pay too much for postage)

Grooming Table Over Mats

Grooming Table Over Mats


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