Leg Wraps

Do you show a breed that you prefer to walk into shows and during bad weather need to keep the coat on their legs clean and dry?


We have been asked to make leg wraps for some time now so we have worked with exhibitors in a number of breeds (Irish Setters, Red and White Setters and Standard Poodles) to designs our leg wraps so they are quick and easy to use and don't have Velcro that can damage your dogs coat.

The leg wraps are made from waterproof material. The bottoms of the wraps are elasticated and we leave access in the hem for you to tighten the elastic to the best size for your dogs paws. The tops of the leg wraps tighten with a simple toggle fastener on stronger round elastic.

At the moment we manufacture the leg wraps in one size but if a different length is needed for your dog do get in touch with us. We are selling the leg wraps in pairs as some breeds will only need to use them on their front legs rather than on all legs. 

A big thank you must go to the exhibitors for taking the time to trial the leg wraps for us and for letting us use photos of their dogs using the leg wraps.