Wahl Easy Ear cleaner is a free flowing cleansing fluid, based on natural ingredients, which contain no harmful detergents or cleansers. The perfectly balanced formula effectively removes dust, dirt and ear wax with little or no rubbing.Active natural ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel and Menthol to soothe and cool irritation, plus Camphor to reduce inflammation and Eucalyptus to discourage ear mites and fleas. Formulated for most animal ears including dogs, horses, cattle, goats, llama, alpaca, rabbits and ferrets. Easy Ear cleaner effectively eliminates grease and wax, used regularly can reduce and control ear odour. Gentle cleansing and soothing agents act without and drying effect and can assist in reducing tenderness and non-specific irritation and infections. Easy Ear is a natural, non-sudsing cleaning and therapeutic treatment that may be used as often as necessary delivering outstanding results after every use. 

Wahl Showman Easy Ear Cleaner 500ml