Identifying your dog is now not only a LEGAL REQUIREMENT but a must to ensure that, should your best friend become parted from you, they can be identified and you can be contacted so he or she can be returned to their loving home quickly. 

A lot of people are now thinking that if their dog is microchipped there is no need for an ID tag/tube to be worn on their collar too; however it is a requirement to have both. I have had the experience myself of bringing to safety a couple of lost dogs in the last year or so and both wore collar tags which said 'scan me im chipped' and on both occasions the vets were closed and I had no means of getting the dogs scanned to see who their owner was to ring them and say ive found your dog and so had to wait until the vets opened the next day.

We currently stock a variety of different ID Tags / Tubes:

Silver Bones

Tubes in Red, Pink or Blue

Reflective Bones (in red, purple, blue or yellow) Ideal if you walk your dog a lot at night


All the ID Tags / Tubes come with appropriate fasteners to quickly attach to your dogs collar




Ancol Identity Tags/Tubes