Here is a safe, long-lasting and simple way to secure your dog crates onto your trolley whilst making the journeys between your car and show venues.


As exhibitors ourselves, we have been using this type of fixing strap for over a decade and without a doubt they are more secure and pose no more danger to either you or your dogs than other fixing methods used by dog show exhibitors.


You simply fit the strap around your trolley and crates, securing the strap into a loop with the twocratewithtrolleystraps large hooks; the excess strap is pulled through the metal fixing mechanism and then you ratchet the strap tight. To release the strap, you simply open the metal fixing mechanism and release using the release leavers.


This strap allows you to go up and down kerbs and steps with no fear of crates falling off your trolley. Each strap is 3.5 meters long which will comfortably fasten two average show size crates to a trolley.


Please note our current stock of straps are orange rather than blue as shown in our photographs



Trolley/Crate Straps