Top Dog Show Supplies are very proud to bring you Selwoc Show Leads, now available in two styles, loop and slip. Selwoc Show Leads are individually handmade by a fellow dog show exhibitor and are designed to do just the job we need them to. They are made from 550 parachute cord so are exceptionally strong and hard wearing.


LOOP LEADS The loop leads' measurements (when laid flat) are 114cm (45 inches) in total length. The leads' maximum opening length is 47cm (18.5 inches) which can be made smaller by sliding a silver metal toggle. The handle measures 15cm (6 inches) and the actual thickness of the 550 parachute cord is 5mm by 2.5mm so the leads are strong but not too thick to look over the top when laid across your dogs shoulders when they are stacked in the show ring.


Selwoc loop Leads are available in a wide range of colours and currently we stock the colours shown below.


Colours available: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Brown, Safety Green, Tan/Sand, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Lilac



Selwoc Loop Leads